Having worked as in-house counsel, in Title IX offices, and as dedicated education-focused investigators, our Ballast team leverages real world experience in partnering with colleges, universities, and secondary schools to provide collaborative, customizable, and practical compliance solutions. The challenges facing educational institutions are unique and we strive to tailor our services to fit the specific needs of your campus while honoring institutional knowledge and values.

Policies and Procedures

Drafting & Updating

  • We draft policies and procedures to comply with Title IX and non-discrimination obligations. Our work is customizable to fit each institution’s unique needs and values.
  • We keep institutions up-to-date and apprised of changes to applicable laws and regulations.

Assessment & Review

  • Our team analyzes existing policies and procedures with a focus on relevant law and best practices.

Process Development & Refinement

  • We partner to develop processes and workflows to improve campus practices.


  • Ballast provides Title IX and non-discrimination training designed to support institutions’ needs and comply with legal obligations.
  • Our training is customized for various campus stakeholders and is tailored to individual roles and knowledge bases.


  • We provide trained, skilled, experienced, and practical Title IX investigators for colleges, universities, and secondary schools.
  • Our investigators are experienced in all manner of campus investigations, including for non-Title IX matters, like bias incidents and cultural concerns.

Informal Resolution Processes

  • Ballast team members are trained to conduct mediation, restorative justice facilitation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as allowed by institutions’ policies and applicable law.

Adjudications, Hearings & Appeals

  • We serve as hearing officers, chairs, panel members, and other adjudicatory roles.
  • Our team also assists with appeals and serves as appeal adjudicators.

Interim Roles

  • Ballast offers interim services to fill gaps in positions such as Title IX coordinator, deputy coordinator, assistant coordinator, and hearing panel member or advisor, among others.

Advice & Coaching

Legal and Non-Legal Advising

  • Our practical, solution-oriented team aims to serve as your trusted resource for all Title IX and discrimination-related inquiries.
  • We provide advice and support in managing legal and non-legal questions involved in campus processes.

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